Gamaliel Suzuki was the Science Officer on the Freelance Scout Ship Astra Cartographer

Suzuki was an expatriate Republicker living on Sapphire when he was recruited by Bernadette Keeler's Astra Consoritum; a private company that explored star systems and sold the data to the New Commonwealth, Free Alliance, or any other interest willing to pay for it.

Suzuki graduated from the New Commonwealth Galactic Academy on Republic having trained in astrophysics and geophysics. He served in the Republic Space Service for several years, constantly petitioning for a position on an Explorer Ship, before it became clear to him that he did not have the connections or aptitude to make command grade on a New Commonwealth ship. He left the Space Service and emigrated to Sapphire specifically to work with the Astra Consortium's Survey Fleet.

His primary function aboard Astra Cartographer is ship’s science officer, but as with all the other members of the crew, he has been trained in helm, navigation, and weapons. He is socially unskilled, but Captain Good regards him as a genius (an opinion not universally shared) and tolerates his eccentricities.