General Kitaen is a Warmaster of the Ninth Tryptarch of Sumac and a Holy Man of the First Order of the Sacred City; the highest level of tactical mastery that can be obtained. He is not only skilled in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, small arms, large arms, blade fighting, and multiple other forms of combat, but also possesses the ability to foresee the shape and course of battle before it happens.

He is a tall, muscular man with reddish-bronze skin and a shaved head. He likes to wear leather uniforms and walk around bare-chested to display his massive musculature. When going into battle, he prefers black and blue warpaint.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known of his early life beyond the self-evident fact that he joined the Sumacian Order while young and became adept in all of its ways and philosophies.

Book 06Edit

Kitaen advised Prime Commander Keeler to let Goneril Lear remain aboard Lexington Keeler, advising him that they were destined to proceed without her. He succeeded Philip Redfire as the ship’s Chief Tactical Officer.

Book 07Edit

Kitaen dropped down from Pegasus with a squad of warfighters in escape pods to assist in the search and rescue of Prime Commander Keeler. He advised the Midians on use of their air defenses in response to a massive Xirong attack.

Book 08Edit

General Kitaen plotted a tactical strike to recover Pegasus’s stolen Tritium, but the plan was not used.

Book 09Edit

General Kitaen requested that the wildest, most uncontrollable children rescued from Gethsemane be placed with him to be trained as warfighters.

Book 10Edit

General Kitaen undertook war games on the night side of Eventide while Keeler and his landing crew explored the day side.

Book 11Edit

Kitaen knew of David Alkema’s mutiny plot and chose not to intervene, and assigned a warfighter as Alkema’s bodyguard when it was over. He led an unauthorized special operations mission to the surface of Parallax, where he gained control of the planet’s defense system and killed some androids. He also revealed to Alkema he was sleeping with Eliza Change in order to gain her precognitive powers, then drugged him and wiped his memory.


· Lover – Eliza Jane Change (Book 10, Book 11, Book 12)