General Obayad Parka was a member of Midian Security Forces on the planet Yronwode. General Parka was the Chief of Search and Rescue Operations for the Midian Security Command. He had led 199 rescue missions in the Wilderness of Howling Zeal, rescuing 44 of 232 prisoners taken hostage by hostile tribes of Xirong.

After Commander Bill Keeler's Aves crashed in the Wilderness of Howling Zeal, General Parka oversaw the Search and Rescue effort while balancing the political demands of the Midian Government and navigating the strict rules about trespassing on Xirong territory.  He was in command of Midian offenses when the Xirong, under the Chieftain K-Rock, attempted to swarm the Midian frontier. Although initially cool toward the Pegasus landing team, he developed a level of respect and understanding with General Kitaen.

Backstory Edit

General Parka's parents were Xirong from one of the more peaceful northerly settlements of the planet. They emigrated to Midian before he was born. He grew up in a lower class suburb of Xenthe and joined the Midian Security Forces after completing his mandatory schooling. His father, who made a living as a tradesman, fully supported him. 

His military career was one of rapid ascent through the ranks as the Midian Security Ward was eager to demonstrate the good things that happened when Xirong were willing to be peaceful.

Among the Xirong outside Midian, he was regarded as a traitor. There was a bounty on his head and he survived several assassination attempts.

(Book 07 Yronwode )