Ginger was the name of an Aves attached the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. 'Ginger was part of Flight Group 2/Beta Flight/ The Hellblazers, and was piloted by Flight Lieutnant Hadrian Columbia and Flight Officer Garth Atreides.

Ginger disntiguished itself in the 12 255 Crux System by taking extreme risks to scout and surveil an alien fleet that was hiding in the sun's Corona.

Worlds Apart Book 06: Crucible .

In the Gethsemane system, the Aves Ginger was tasked to a geophysical survey of the planetoid that was on a collision course with the planet Gethsemane, even though Eliza Jane Change thought the survey was a waste of time.

Worlds Apart Book 09: Gethsemane