Write the text of your article here!The Glorious Burbank Experience, Glorious Burbank for short, was the primary assistant to Mr. Marvelous, the CEO of the Nettwerk Synerplex on the planet Aurora. She escorted a landing party consisting of Commander Keeler, Phil Redfire, and Avril Lear to their meeting with Mr. Marvelous and advised them on the planet’s economic and political system. Later, she coordinated media coverage of other teams that visited the planet. (Book 05: Aurora )


TGBE was born Greta Burbank in a lower middle-class sector of the Nettwerk Synerplex. Graduating from Honey Montana’s School For Girls with degrees in Self Promotion and Personal Reinvention, she initially sought work in The Nettwerk’s TriXXX Adult Entertainment subsidiary. Although she appeared as a supporting role in such classics as Airtight IV and How Much for Just the Anus?, she never had the assets to become a featured performer. Such was never her ambition. Carefully saving and investing her earnings in surgical asset augmentation, she rose to become a producer and later financial manager within the TriXXX Group. She also worked on the side as a prize presenter on the game show Who Gives a F—k? where she caught the attention of a fast-rising Nettwerk Executive named Marco Marvelous while demonstrating a Kegel exerciser in the showcase round. After an interview in the Tight Leather Suite at the Aeropagus Hotel, she was hired as his personal assistant and rose to the top with him.