Goro Sulijoadikusumo is a large, threatening warfighter from Gethsemane Colony.

As a teenager, Goro Sulijoadikusumo was rescued from the doomed planet Gethsemane by the crew of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus before that planet was destroyed. He had been abandoned by his parents on order's of the Planetary Evacuation and Relocation Authority under President Hildegard Khan. Left on his own to survive, Goro Sulijoadikusumo became feral. He had to be heavily sedated into unconsciousness in order to evacuate him from the planet. He had been on his own for so long that he had reverted to a feral state. He remembered his name because of a tag sewn into a shirt he kept as a memory of better times.

On-board Pegasus, he was subjected to rigorous rehabilitation, eventuating in the implant of a device onto the back of his skull to control his emotions. He was subsequently trained as a Warfighter under General Kitaen. His warfighting skills coupled with his high aptitude for Naval operations led him to be selected to support Keeler's naval expedition on the planet Eventide. He was a remarkably tall and muscular individual, well over two meters in height and heavily muscled. Subsequent to the Eventide Mission, he remained with the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus Warfighter Core and fought alongside General Kitaen in the Battle of Terrastar. [Worlds Apart Book 10: Eventide]

===Book 10


Goro Sulijoadikusumo was sent to provide protection for Prime Commander Keeler on Eventide.

===Book 11


Goro Sulijoadikusumo was part of the Task Force sent to the surface of Parallax to disarm the planet’s orbital defense systems. He was sent to search for the wreckage of the Aves Malcolm when it was shot down, and to rescue any survivors.

===Book 12


Goro Sulijoadikusumo fought alongside General Kitaen in the Battle of Terrastar.