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Gunner Easton is a member of the crea of the New Commonwealth Defender Ship NCS Constellation, which is under the command of his mother, Bristol Heath Easton, of Denali Colony. He serves in a tactical support role for landing teams as they explore planets and make contact with inhabitants.

Gunner Easton is in his mid-twenties, 6' 4", 200 pounds, with dark hair and deep blue eyes; a very handsome man, better looking than Johnny Rook, probably. Gunner is trained elite within the Denali Scouts --- an organization of the planet Denali sort like a cross between Army Special Forces, the Boy Scouts, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

He has a tendency to egotistical and self-involved, but is extremely proficient in the skills of a Denali scout — tracking, weapons, martial arts, and survival in the deep wilderness.

Gunner Easton appears in Book 12: Earth