Lt. Scientist Hardcandy Banks was an officer in the Science Core of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus , specializing in interdimensional physics. She was a strikingly beautiful woman with a great rack and a tight, beautiful ass.

She is married to Flight Lieutenant Blade Toto, but atypically for Sapphirean marriages, each of them is open to sexual partners outside their marriage.

Early LifeEdit

Hardcandy Banks was born in Sapphire’s Province of Panrovia and spent much of her youth there, where her parents had a vacation house. Some of her young life was spent in the city of New Tenochtitlan on Sapphire’s Delta Continent. Her father was a visiting physicist at the University of New Tenochtitlan, where her mother occasionally taught advanced mathematics. Neither was particularly distinguished in his/her respective field. Her parents also consulted on engineering projects for several Sapphirean technology companies. Hardcandy had eight brothers and sisters. She graduated from the UNT with an Advanced Degree in Inter-dimensional physics and a SubConcentration in Geological Macro-Engineering. Due to her high credentials, she was entered into the Limited Pool for Scientists volunteering for the Odyssey Project. She was selected and trained at the Odyssey Project Training Center on Republic and assigned to the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus.

Book 09Edit

Hardcandy Banks traveled to Gethsemane to study the physics of the Trans-Dimensional Gateway that connected the planet to the Afterlife. Her studies led her to hypothesize about the existence of a universe where no matter existed, only energy. She helped repair the Gateway control board after the Gethsemanians sabotaged it on orders from Hildegard Kahn.

Book 10Edit

Hardcandy Banks helped David Alkema develop a Graviton Warhead capable of igniting the core of a gas mega-giant, creating a second sun for the Eventide system.

Book 11Edit

Hardcandy Banks assisted David Alkema in gaining a better understanding of Pegasus’s upgraded propulsion systems, and was Project Leader in the project to equip Aves with Emergency Quantum Jump Escape Systems. She accepted a reassignment to the position of Chief Scientist on the Battle Cruiser The Skullcrusher. She tried to seduce David Alkema before departing Pegasus, and it was left to the reader’s imagination whether she succeeded. She left Pegasus before the attack that destroyed Charlemagne Starlock.


Husband – Blade Toto

Daughter – Honey Banks Toto

Daughter – Pilar Banks Toto