Defender Class NCS Helaman was a Defender Ship in the service of the New Commonwealth. Helaman was a warship, carrying heavy anti-proton guns, missiles, and two squadrons of Aquilae equipped for the Heavy Attack Role. On its dedication plaque is a verse of scripture that reads in part, “…they had fought as if with the strength of God; yea, never were men known to have fought with such miraculous strength; and with such mighty power…”

Helaman's primary mission was the defense of exploring expeditions. In the Solar Year 7381, Helaman was assigned to the Third Exploring Expedition of the Orion Quadrant, Along with NCS Naphtali and NCS Provident. The Third Ex. Ex. was exploring the Parallax system when the survivors of the Attack on the Charlemagne Starlock arrived. Afterwards, it proceeded to Earth with the rest of those survivors in a flotilla that became known as the Fleet of Orion.

Helaman was under the command of Commander Ammon Joling and Executive Officer Dillon Blankenship, both of Bountiful , at the start of the exploratory mission. They were supported by a crew of 1,010 primarily from the Bountiful System. When the Fleet of Orion reached Earth, Commander Joling exchanged commands with Fleet Commander Trawick, formerly Commander of Naphtali, who made Helamanhis command ship. Tactical operations for the exploration of the Earth system were centralized aboard Helaman, and it served as the Human flagship during the Battle of Terrastar. Helaman was destroyed in the Battle of Terrastar while making a kamikaze run at an Aurelian Super Carrier.