Helena-903 is the 903rd clone of Helena Brainiacsdaughter. She was gestated and birthed on the planet of St. Fionan , whose sterile population depends on cloning to survive. She defected to the New Commonwealth and became an Environmental Remediation Expert (primarily on the basis of coming from an environmentally devatstated planet).

She carries memories of her cell and egg donor, Helena Brainiacsdaughter, who donated genetic material as a goodwill gesture when the diplomatic ship Nova paid a call on St. Fionan colony in the 74th Solar Century. These memories, coupled with the memoir left behind by the original Helena Braincsdaughter, led her to seek out Kyle Atlantic , since her donor knew of his attraction to her and was never able to reciprocate.

Like all inhabitants of St. Fionan, she has an extremely delicate physiology and a weak immune system, requiring processed air to breathe, and extremely pure food and water.

(Book 11: Charlemagne )