Henry William Oberth was an inhabitant of the planet Gethsemane. In the years before that planet was destroyed in the 73rd Solar Century, he served in the planetary Government as Pro-Consul for Public Health and Safety, and as a Reliant (Senior Advisor) to President Hildegard Kahn.

Oberth opposed President Kahn's policy of breaking up families for the sake of planetary evacuation and leaving children without comfort or the means to survive. Using his resources, he made every effort to make sure children abandoned during the Evacuation were supplied with food, clothing and medical care.

Oberth discreetly aided the crew of Pegasus in evacuating the children of Gethsemane before their planet was destroyed. Against the orders of Hildegard Kahn, he provided the crew with the location of the Fort Abaddon refugee camp and gave tacit approval to the search and rescue operations proposed by the crew.

(Book 09 - Gethsemane)