Hildegard Kahn was the leader of the planet Gethsemane (technically) the President of the People’s Quorum of Gethsemane) during its final days.

Kahn was ruthless, tactless, domineering, abusive, profane, and cruel. She treated her subordinates shabbily and her constituents with unbridled contempt.

Kahn was democratically elected to power as the head of the Unity and Progress Party, but when the Kariad warned her of her planet’s impending collision with a rogue planet, she seized emergency power and ruled as a dictator for the remaining years. She ordered the construction of the Heaven’s Gate, a massive portal designed using specifications provided by the Kariad (which were not precisely followed) that would transport her people to the AfterLife without dying. The Gate was two-way, permitting people to return and report that the Gate did, in fact, transport them to a Celestial Paradise.

When it was discovered that children could not pass through the Heaven’s Gate, Kahn ordered mass involuntary sterilizations carried out on her people. Many defied her and had children anyway. On her orders, families were forcibly separated; parents sent through the Gate while children were left behind to fend for themselves: Punishment for defying Kahn’s edicts.

When the crew of Pegasus began rescuing children from the planet’s certain doom, Kahn attempted to intervene but was stopped by Pegasus’s superior weaponry. In revenge, she ordered that the control room to the Heaven’s Gate be destroyed so that Bill Keeler and Phil Redfire would be trapped on the other side. David Alkema and Hardcandy Banks were able to repair the damage and bring them back in the nick of time.

(Book 09: Gethsemane )