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Tactical Lieutenant Ian Bonneville is a tactical officer on board the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus ,


Bonneville was a native of Sapphire’s Jutland province, coming from the industrial community of River’s Edge. He was selected by lottery into the Odyssey Project, passed the entrance exams, and trained as a tactical officer. He was in his late twenties at the time of launch and in his forties at the time of Book 12.

Book 06: Crucible[]

Lt. Bonneville was on the Bridge when Pegasus came under attack by unidentified alien forces.

Book 11: Charlemagne[]

Bonneville was on the Bridge when Pegasus came into the vicinity of Charlemagne Starlock. Dave Alkema had narrowed his choice for a new Chief Tactical Officer to Anaconda Taurus-Rook and Bonneville.