Third planet (of 9) in the 11 753 Vulpeculus system. Population, 5.7 billion. A terra-class planet, nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. Saltwater oceans cover 63% of the planet’s surface, three continental landmasses. Planetary capital: Presidio Capitat. Independence possesses a moderate climate and a diverse planetary landscape with multiple environments including grasslands, mountains, deserts, and arctic regions.

At the time it was re-charted, Independence had largely recovered from the Great Silence and was beginning its own program of space exploration.Independence is governed by a tri-cameral legislature, in which two of the three Towers (one from each continent) must concur before planetary policy is set. These Towers (Each named for the continent it serves, The Tower of Veritas, the Tower of Novus, and the Tower of Sa Tamir) are housed in literal towers, three identical one-hundred story towers arranged in an equilateral triangle on the island-capital of Presidio Capitat with a triangle-shaped Assembly Hall between the three. Independence was re-charted by the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, in the Sapphirean year 7353.