Ishmael Gilligan was the shipmaster of an ocean-going sailing ship, the Peckwad, on the planet Winter. He transported Prime Commander Keeler and General Ziang to the site of the colony pod that brought inhabitants to the colony. They also encountered a gigantic sea-monster named Richard.

Gilligan was the inhabitant of a small village called ‘Shipwreck.’ Shipwreck was an outpost of seven people who were stranded there by Gilligan thousands of years earlier. They were the Guardians of ‘The Library,’ the aforementioned crashed colony pod.

Prime Commander Keeler was afraid of Ishmael Gilligan because of his connection to Ancient Earth Mythology.

“Gilligan was a mythological trickster demon of powerful significance, the principle figure in a series of stories in which characters representing the seven deadly sins were trapped on an island hell. It fell to Gilligan to keep them all trapped, to thwart their every effort to escape. His mother had told him those stories as he had gone to sleep as a child. Keeler shuddered at the memory. Why would anyone choose such a name?”

(Book 04: Winter )