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Jackson Levant is a character who appears in the Free Worlds story "Cotopaxi." He was a junior scientist in Pegasus's Anthropology Core, specializing in pyramid-shaped structures and languages of the Ancient Commonwealth.

“Well, with one exception, every world we have encountered has had pyramid-based architecture; they often have a symbolic or ceremonial function; it’s a common shape for temples and tombs, for example.”


Jackson Levant hails from the City of Advancement on Republic. His parents were historian academics with the University of the City of Advancement, specializing in exploration of the planet's historical mining sites and the few remaining mining of the planet's Valeska Era. Jackson Levant was recruited into the Odyssey program while still a teenager along with his parents. He was part of field teams that studied pyramid-shaped structures on Bodicea, Independence, Aurora and Yronwode, as well as the remains of the colony pod on Winter.

While Pegasus was undergoing upgrades at the Charlemagne StarLock, Levant accepted an invitation to join the Orion Exploring Expedition on the Explorer Ship Naphthali.