Jared Buck was a member of the crew of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. A native of Sapphire’s Carpentaria continent. He is the Elder Brother of Specialist Jason Buck. He was in his late twenties at the time of Pegasus's launch.

Jared Buck served as a Mission Specialist when the Aves Quentin visited the planet Fiddler’s Green. [Worlds Apart Short Story: “Fiddler’s Green”]

After Fiddler's Green, he ceame an Assistant Chief in the Ship's Technical Core, specializing in remote control of survey probes. As such, he supported missions on Winter, Ecco 1, Aurora and other worlds. He guided the probes in the Search and Rescue efforts on Dominia. He directed trans-atmospheric probes into the atmosphere of Yronwode to help the ship's officer develop a rescue plan for crew stranded there. He also led plasma sampling missions into the gas giant at Hellfire. His probes helped located pockets of survivors on Gethsemane and tracked the movement of Commander Keeler's crew on the surface of Eventide. He assisted in probing the planetary defenses of Parallax colony. He later supported the manned survey missions in the Earth's solar system; serving as a Surveillance Mission Specialist on the Aves Crispin.

He married a Sapphirean Survey specialist from Technical Core; fathered two children and adopted a Gethsemanian girl. They remained aboard Pegasus for several years before leaving to settle on Everest colony in the Orion Quadrant.