Jasmine Green was a Sapphirean female, a member of the Warfighter Core on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus and part of the crew of the sea-going ship Red Jacket (and later, Sovereign). A native of the planet Sapphire, Jasmine was a teenage girl when Pegasus began her journey, the daughter of two crew members. She trained and studied in both Pegasus's Warfighter Core and Tactical Core and was selected to support Keeler's naval expedition on the planet Eventide.

[Worlds Apart Book 10: Eventide] After the Eventide Mission, she returned to Pegasus and married an aviator, Leaf Windborne. The Windbornes were not on board the Charlemagne Starlock when the rest of the Doom Patrol was wiped out in a surprise Aurelian attack. They had already agreed to relocate to Bella La Cava, where they were given command of a guard ship and patrolled the badlands of the planet’s western continent.