Jason Buck was a member of the crew of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. A native of Sapphire’s Carpentaria continent. Younger Brother of Jared Buck. He was an avid player of both Air Hockey and the Game of Resistance. He was a boy of ten years old when he joined the Odyssey Mission, brought along by his older brother Jared Buck. He took to ship life and trained in Flight Support, becoming proficient in maintaining both Aves and the Launch System; he also became certified in remote probe and Accipiter piloting. Jason Buck was serving as a Launch Systems Specialist in Pegasus's Flight Core when the ship docked at the Charlemagne Starlock.

Jason Buck joined in TyroCommander Alkema's plan to hijack Pegasus in order to spare the ship from decommissioning. His role was to sabotage Tactical Commander Kitaen's ship and strand him on the planet Eta Ure. [Worlds Apart Book 11: Charlemagne]

[Post Book 12] At the conclusion of training, Flight Lieutenant Jason Buck became an aviator and took command of the Aquila-class shuttlecraft Kitaen, assigned to Flight Group Epislon (The Armpit Avengers]. After rendezvousing with the remaining survivors of the Fleet of Orion at Aura Colony, he married a Bountifullian woman from the Supply Ship Provident. They remained aboard Pegasus for several years before leaving to settle on Everest colony in the Orion Quadrant.