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Jersey Partridge was a medical technician who served on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus . He is described as a thin young man, with straight brushy hair cut short around a handsome-enough, albeit slightly pug-nosed, face.


Jersey Partridge comes from Corvallis, the capital of the planet Sapphire , where his family is a partner in a very lucrative Legal Counsel Firm that has advised Sapphirean Governments and Heads of State for centuries.

Book 01: Meridian[]

Partridge treated David Alkema for a broken leg after he was injured in an accident in one of the ship’s Botany Bays. He is part of the landing party dispatched to Meridian, where he deduces that the inhabitants are being genetically altered. He nearly passes out after eating eel-worms.

Book 02: EdenWorld[]

Partridge treated Trajan Lear after he was injured in an accident in one of the Aves launch tunnels.

Book 03: Bodicea[]

Partridge was part of the team that studied the Medean pathogen, and part of the first contact team that studied the Aurelian attack ships at a distance in the Bodicea system. He accompanied the second mission to meet with Aurelians in their world-ship as well.

Book 04: Winter[]

Partridge was part of a tactical team sent to explore an abandoned Aurelian ship found in orbit of the planet Winter. He attended the Parliament Ball on the planet and tended to Max Jordan after he was assaulted by Lord Manchester.

Book 05: Aurora[]

Partridge died of injuries sustained when the Aves Winnie crash-landed on the ice planet Dominia.

Book 11: Charlemagne[]

Partridge re-appeared, in avatar form, in a virtual reality environment (DownWorld) accessed byDavid Alkema .