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Lt. Jesus Powerhouse, was a helmsman on board the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus . He is described as dark-skinned, and muscular, with a shaved head. Powerhouse also served in the Warfighter Core.

In Book 01: Meridian , Powerhouse was at helm when Pegasus performed the maneuvers that accelerated it toward the inner Meridian system, and when the ship was attacked by swarms of Sinister Buckyballs of Doom.

In Book 06: Crucible , Powerhouse was at the helm as Pegasus navigated out of the debris field created by the destruction of the Aurelian invasion fleet. He elected to stay on board Pegasus when the opportunity came to leave for Lexington Keeler.

When Pegasus descended into the atmosphere of Yronwode to rescue the crew, Acting Commander Change chose Kyle Atlantic over Jesus Powerhouse to fly the ship during the descent, even though Powerhouse was better and more experienced.