John-Patrick Breen grew up on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus and eventually became a specialist in the ship’s Technical Core.

He first appears in Book 02:EdenWorld as an unnamed child is a day care center who is told by Eddie Roebuck (along with other children) that they will probably die in space without ever seeing “Earf.”

Eddie paused. He had them in his grip, and what he was saying was, admittedly cruel, but… “Do your mommy and daddy ever worry about bad things happening. I mean, all kinds of bad things can happen in three hundred years. I mean, this ship is built to keep us all alive. It’s really really hard to keep people alive in space. Just the tiniest, tiniest hole in the hull and all of our air could leak out.” He then pantomimed suffocating to death in a very graphic way that left him gasping on the floor of the play center. Uncomfortably, Alenia nudged Roebuck with her toe, all the while continuing to smile. Eddie came up to his knees. “That’ll probably never happen, but you never know. That’s why they have escape pod drills. Also, the galaxy is filled with exploding stars and hostile aliens …” “Technician Roebuck!” Alenia admonished. “They’re children!” “Oh, right... I meant big giant space monsters.”''

In Book 11: Charlemagne , it is revealed that this incident has left him with nightmares.

In Book 11: Charlemagne, he is part of the crew working the project to upgrade Pegasus’s systems. He works in the Engineering Mission Command Center alongside David Alkema and Reena Decker. Alkema trusts him enough to leave him in charge of the Command Center in his absence.