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John Hunter's real name is unknown. His planet of origin is unknown. What is known is that he is very clever and possibly very dangerous. He is one of a small number of people who illegally gained access to Pegasus prior to launch and remains in hiding in the UnderDecks. The "stowaway community" forms a completely separate culture of which few of the crew are even aware.

Worlds Apart Book 02 - John Hunter kidnapped Trajan Lear and attempted to blackmail Goneril Lear into freeing the stowaways.

Worlds Apart Book 04 - John Hunter teamed with the Centurions Bellisarius and Constantine to thwart an Aurelian saboteur that had infiltrated and was intent on destroying the pathfinder ship Pegasus

Worlds Apart Book 06 - John Hunter teamed up with Queeque to thwart an infestation of sentient plague rats.