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JOHN SKINNER Place of Birth - Jay Peterman Beach, Delta, Sapphire Age at Launch: 54 Sapphirean Years

JOHN SKINNER is a native of Corvallis, the capital city of Sapphire. He studied Medicine at Snodfart University in Sapphire's Arcadia Province, and spent subsequent years practicing in such exotic places as the north of Carpentaria, the Awkward Islands, the Kandoran Outback, and the Arcadian Rainforest, the same places that inspired his father, John Peterman Skinner, to launch a successful line of ethnic clothing, on which the family fortune was built.

In mid-life, he was selected for Pegasus's Medical Core, and his reports home are filled with detailed on native dress, color, and fabrics on the lost coloniesPegasus encounters.

He succeeded Daisy Reagan as the ship's Chief Medical Officer upon her death.