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Place of Birth: Farpoint, Carpentaria, Sapphire
Age at Launch: 12

Warfighter Specialist Johnny Rook was born on Sapphire and raised on Pegasus , where he was eventually drawn into the ranks of the Warfighters.

Within the warfighters, he gained a reputation as lady-killer, but eventually he settled down with Warfighter Anaconda Rook and fathered at least two children with her; Skua and John, Jr.

He saw combat action on the second planet of the 12 255 Crus system and participated in the rescue of children from Gethsemane. He participated in wargames on the planet Eventide, and participated in the defense of Miranda island. (Book 10: Eventide )

An outstanding athlete, it was he who invented the sport of Hull-gliding, which involves riding an anti-gravity hover sled over the outer hull of the Pathfinder Ship. (Book Four: Winter)


Early Life[]

Johnny Rook was a boy of fourteen when Pegasus began its journey. He had many romantic relationships as a teenager on Pegasus, and though he was widely believed to be involved with Specialist Helena Brainiacsdaughter, their relationship was entirely friendzone.

Book 06[]

Johnny Rook was part of the detachment of warfighters sent to the surface of 12 255 Crux II, where he engaged in combat with forces unknown. He subsequently became the paramour of Anaconda Rook.

Book 07[]

Johnny Rook helped Max Jordan and Trajan Lear battle an invisible monster to keep it distracted while Tactical Lt. Commander Alkema recovered the navigational core from a derelict Commonwealth freighter. He later was trapped on the surface of Yronwode, where he participated in search and rescue efforts after Prime Commander Keeler’s Aves was shot down.

Book 08[]

Johnny Rook was part of the mission sent to recover an ancient Tritium tanker.

Book 09[]

Johnny Rook was part of a party exploring Port Gethsemane when they came upon a group of feral children left behind by the planet’s inhabitants. He subsequently participated in efforts to evacuate children from the planet before it was destroyed.

Book 10[]

Johnny Rook participated in wargame exercises on the night side of the planet Eventide.

Book 11[]

Upon learning of the decommissioning of Pegasus, Johnny Rook and his wife made plans to settle on Gander colony. Their plans, like those of many others, were upset by the Aurelian Attack on Charlemagne Starlock.




· Wife – Anaconda Taurus Rook

· Daughter – Skua

· Son – Johnny