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KITT-E was the shipmind of Bernadette Keeler's personal starship Astra One.

KITT-E stood for Keeler Intelligence Ten Thousand - Experimental. KT&C’s subsidiary had developed KITT as part of the competition to develop the Next Generation AI Braincore for StarForce’s Expedition-Class cruisers. Starforce eventually chose a less-advanced but lower cost alternative. The Program Director tried to salvage some pride by pointing out “We have a galactic-class AI and StarForce paid half the development cost.” Bernadette Keeler wasn’t mollified – she hated to lose – and transferred the Director of the KITT-E program to a position in marketing.

But Bernadette Keeler recognized that KITT-E was a very valuable asset. Its Precognitive AI enabled it to navigate hyperspace faster than any ship in the galaxy. BK ordered KITT-E installed in her personal starship because of the incredible speeds it enabled.

KITT-E appears in the Free Worlds short story "Triton Lyra"