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Katrain Hepburn is the commanding office of the New Commonwealth Fast Attack Corvette NCS Augustana. She appears in Worlds Apart Book 12 and in the Free Worlds story "Captain Hepburn Has Some Ideas."


Katrain Hepburn was born in the Agricultural Plains of Swan-Vesta continent on Swansong colony; a divided world in the Horologium Sector of the Perseus Quadrant. The inhabitants of Swan-Vesta Continent have a long history of hostility and Conflict with their neighbors on Song continent.

Augustana was originally part of a two-ship adjunct to an Orion Exploring Expedition with its sister ship Archippus. Augustana's crew was made up of people from Swan-Vesta and Archippus from Song. Archippus was destroyed in the attack on Charlemagne StarLock, but Hepburn rescued many of its crew and took them on board Augustana.

Hepburn was a very forceful personality, and insisted on crashing a meeting of the Fleet of Orion commanders to present her own ideas for defending Earth from the Aurelians. ("Captain Hepburn Has Some Ideas.")

Hepburn perished with the rest of her crew when Augustana was destroyed in the Battle of Terrastar. (Worlds Apart Book 12: Earth)