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Kayliegh Driver is a Scientist on board the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus , specializing in geology and botany.

Early Life[]

Kayliegh Driver and her brother Matthew were the children of expatriate Sapphireans who had relocated to Republic because of their belief in elective democracy. They grew up in the desolate, remote outpost of Midlothian, on Republic’s Trans-Antarctic Escarpment after their father was exiled there for approving a medical device that turned out to be defective. Both she and her brother Matthew were accepted into the Odyssey program and assigned to Pathfinder Three, Pegasus.

Book 01: Meridian[]

David Alkema rescued Kayliegh from harm when the fertilization system in one of Pegasus’s Botany Bays malfunctioned. She also briefed the command crew on the initial scans of the planet Meridian. She also sat in on the Bridge of Pegasus for the Operations officer and helped David Alkema analyze Caliph’s behavior.

Book 02: EdenWorld[]

Kayliegh married Lt. Scientist Magnus Morgan. She provided the senior officers with their briefing on EdenWorld based on information gathered by probes before the ship entered orbit. She accompanied her husband on his landing mission to the surface of EdenWorld and in his encounters with the inhabitants of that region.

Book 03: Bodicea[]

Kayliegh Driver launched probes toward Bodicea and prayed for Matthew Driver’s safe return when he went on an away mission.

Book 04: Winter[]

Kayliegh Driver and her husband Magnus hostedMatthew Driver and Eliza Jane Change at dinner and extolled the virtues of married life. She analyzed the climate patterns on Winter and deduced that the planet’s ice age was beginning to end.

Book 05: Aurora[]

Kayliegh Driver saved Pegasus by suggesting they use the ship’s anti-gravity field to bounce off the gravitational sphere of a singularity.

Book 06: Crucible[]

Kayliegh Driver left Pegasus to serve onLexington Keeler.

Later Life[]

At the start of the Second Aurelian War, Kayliegh Driver left Lexington Keeler to settle on the planet Rainier III , settling in a suburb of the planetary capital of Mountain Home. She helped develop the life support systems on Rainier III’s version of Explorer and Defender Ships.