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Ken Keeler was the brother of Bill Keeler, the son of Arthur and Winifred (Fred) Keeler. He was born in New Cleveland, Sapphire, in the Sapphirean Year 7232.

Ken Keeler was a fairly decent athlete, who played groundball, roundball, and rounders as an adolescent. Breaking with family tradition, he did not attend the University of Sapphire at New Cleveland, but instead enrolled at the Arcadian Academy - an institution of higher learning in Arcadia Province. He bounced from concentration to concentration and left the school after five years with a Certificate stating that he had matriculated for five years at the Arcadian Academy.

Afterwards, he spent time traveling around the planet. He considered enrolling in the study of law, but changed his mind after a chance diversion down a country road brought him to a walnut ranch where he was seduced by a woman who claimed to be a witch. Another time, he sought a job as a crewman on a space freighter, but his mother and grandmother talked him out of it by convincing him that such jobs should go to people who actually needed them, not wealthy dillettantes. Instead, he opened a tavern on the shore of Lake of the Loons which closed two years later after losing a large amount of money and Ken Keeler grew border with it. He then bought a home in Corvallis, and spent several years there, and became a fixture of the planetary capital's social life.

At the time of Pegasus's departure, Ken Keeler still lived in Corvallis.

In a pocket universe, Ken Keeler was an environmental advisor to the government of Sapphire, a position Bill Keeler got for him so he wouldn't hurt himself. (Book 09: Gethsemane)