Kralendijk is a human colony in the Vela Sector of the Perseus Quadrant of the Milk Way Galaxy. It is a large moon in orbit of the fourth planet in a system of nine planets, including two dwarf planets sharing a common orbit.

In Book 11 Charlemagne, Johhny Rook and Anaconda Taurus Rook reject Kralendijk as a world to settle on.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Kralendijk has an unusual surface topography. Most of the world is ocean with a complex archipelago of large and small islands that covers the surface in a sort of lattice. There is a large, ancient crater 3,000 kilometers across caused by a long ago collision that shatter the planet's crust and resulted. This crater creates a large, almost perfectly circular sea surrounded by a mountainous ring formed by the ancient crater walls.

Kralendijk orbits a large gas giant panet called Bonaire. Every eight years, the orbits of Kralendijk and Bonaire synch for a period of 175 days, sending Kralendijk into eclipse. Seven of Bonaire's other moons are visible from the surface of Kralendijk.

History and CultureEdit

Kralendijk was charted and designated as a colony site in the 48th Solar Century. Early settlement was light, but a large migration for other Perseus Sector Colonies in the 50th Century provided it with a sustainable population.

The culture is island and sea-faring based. Arable land is scarce on the planet, and its inhabitants have become quite adept at aquaculture. Several species of algae and kelp are cultivated as staple foods. Lack of hydrocarbons in the planet's crust led to the development of hydrogen-based fuel sources; hydrogen fusion is the primary power source of the planet's civilization.

The population is dispersed widely across the surface. There are only a handful of large cities, on most islands, the largest town is only a few thousand people.

An archipelago in the Eastern Hemisphere is known as 'The Chaos Zone,' a lawless expanse within which many criminal gangs operate.

Every eight years, the orbit of Kralendijk synchs with Bonaire, which puts the planet into shadow for 175 days. This creates wintery conditions in the polar regions, but is a time of celebration in the other latitudes. Demographers notive a distinct spike in birth rates in the months following

Kralendijk was recharted by the Explorer Ship Torchbearer in the 74th Solar Century. Kralendijk is a member of the New Commonwealth of the galaxy. It has a population of between 200 and 300 million inhabitants.