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Justinian Kyalantis ‘Kyle’ Atlantic -- A Republicker with an amazing mop of curly blond hair -- Atlantic had been a kid when they left the homeworlds, boarding the ship in the family of one of the engineers. He had joined Pegasus crew during the hyperspace transit when he reached sixteen, the age of adulthood.

When most of the Republickers left the ship, Atlantic stayed behind, and began calling himself ‘Kyle’ to better fit in among a crew that had become majority Sapphirean.

Early Life[]

Kyle Atlantic was born in Republic’s City of Progress, the only son of two engineers. He boarded Pegasus as a child of 13 years, and was trained as a helmsman. He later developed precognitive abilities and became part of the Navigation Core.

Book 02: EdenWorld[]

Atlantic is not mentioned in Book 02, but a flashback in Book 08 reveals that he spent some time on a beach on EdenWorld and that robo-sharks may, or may not have, been sighted in the vicinity. It was on EdenWorld that he began to develop a schoolboy crush on Specialist Helena Brainiacsdaughter.

Book 05: Aurora[]

Atlantic is introduced as a Helmsman who is piloting Pegasus when it arrives at the Chapultepec Starlock.

Book 06: Crucible[]

Atlantic is at the Operations Station on the Main Bridge when Pegasus reaches the 12 255 Crux System and is ordered by Keeler to launch “probey thingies.” He is then moved to the Helm Station, and is piloting the ship during the first alien attack. At the end of the book, he is promoted to lieutenant.

Book 07: Yronwode[]

Under orders from Acting Commander Eliza Jane Change, Atlantic pilots Pegasus deep into the atmosphere of Yronwode in order to rescue stranded crew.

Book 08: Hellfire[]

Atlantic pilots Pegasus through a debris field. Later, he is stranded on the planet Fallon, and experiences flashbacks and other weird sh-t. Through this experience, he recognizes his latent precognitive abilities, and is taken under by Eliza Jane Change to train to become a Navigator.