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Lady Kate Keats was based on Kate Bush

Lady Kate Keats was an inhabitants of the planet Eventide, and a member of the planet’s nobility. She was a beautiful woman with long, molasses-colored hair. She was very knowledgeable of the planet’s geography and social structure. She proved to be a very talented singer and poet as well.

Bill Keeler became enamored with Lady Kate Keats. When he met her, she was the object of affection of Lord Orsino of Illyria. She spurned her lord’s affection to join Keeler’s crew. She accompanied the crew of Red Jacket to islands throughout the Archipelago and helped secure allies for Keeler when he purchased the island of Miranda for a bootleg copy of The Anal Annihilator versus the Red Crotch of Thunder in the Ultimate Throwdown Showdown.

Keeler asked her to join him and be his lady, but she refused and remained behind on Eventide. ( Book 10: Eventide)