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Lamont Mahindra was a Technical Specialist, First Class, on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, a self-proclaimed "Master of the Ion-Drive." He played a critical role in salvaging the Tritium Carrier Liminix CH-53 from the atmosphere of the gas giant 200 200 Fornax by repairing its engines. (WA Book 08: Hellfire)


Lamont was a Republicker from the City of Customs on Republic. He was born into a family of prominent politicians who had garnered a modest fortune representing various private concerns through the permitting and compliance processes at Republic's Ministry of Commerce and Trade, Excited by the prospect of the Odyssey Project, Lamont did not pursue a legal education and career in the family tradition, but instead sought to become a spacecraft pilot. He narrowly failed the Ministry of Aviation's pilot aptitude exam and, as such, was excluded from the training program.

Desperate to join the Odyssey Project, he researched what positions were most in demand. He discovered there was a shortage of secondary propulsion engineers. He threw himself into the study of ion-thrusters and ion-power based propulsion systems and narrowly passed the exams for entry into the program. Working very hard, he graduated in the middle of the pack and received a posting to the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus in the Technical Core. He performed competently, but never failed to present himself as the supreme master of ion-propulsion engineering.

“I am a certified ion-engine specialist with talent on-loan from the Allbeing. I know the ion-drives on an Accipiter like I know every inch of my glorious naked body,”

In his alter-ego as Warren Strict, he hosted a popular underground radio broadcast on the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus; specialising in mocking the ship's officers in particularly ribald and offensive ways. (WA Book 01: Meridian)