Flight Lieutenant Leaf Windborne was an aviator in the Flight Core of the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus, assigned to Delta Flight/Flight Group Four/The Doom Patrol as the pilot of the Aves Valerian. Windborne began as a member of Flight Core in a flight support role at the start of Pegasus’s voyage as a low-level technician in charge of fuel system maintenance. He became flight certified during Pegasus’s two-year layover at the Chanticleer Starlock. Because his prior life on Sapphire had included working on sea-going vessels on trade routes between Carpentaria and Jutland, he was selected as part of the crew of the trading ship Red Jacket on the planet Eventide. It was here he met his future wife Jasmine Green. [Worlds Apart Book 10: Gethsemane]

The Windbornes were not on board the Charlemagne Starlock when the rest of the Doom Patrol was wiped out in a surprise Aurelian attack. They had already agreed to relocate to Bella La Cava, where they were given command of a guard ship and patrolled the badlands of the planet’s western continent.