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The Library of Alexandria orbits Stronghold

Library of Alexandria was an interstellar, hyper-light starship of the Late Commonwealth Era. c. Solar Year 5200. Library of Alexandria departed from Earth shortly before the Tarmigan Assault with four memory cores carrying an archive of Earth's scientific, technological, cultural, and artistic achievements. It carried no crew, was commanded by an Artificial Intelligence supported by drones that maintained its internal systems. Its destination was Perseus Stronghold, a military base in the Perseus Quadrant. However, the base was destroyed in a Tarmigan Attack before the ship arrived. The ship's AI followed protocol, landed and docked at the base, then shut down.

Some time after the Solar Year 7000, Library of Alexandria was discovered by the Aurelians among the ruins of the Stronghold Base. Its AI was dysfunctional, and most of the memory cores were damaged, but the Aurelians were able to recover enough data to understand the basic principles of Starlock construction. They also stumbled upon references to a project codenamed Crystal Pyramid. Based on this information, they were able to construction a starlock of their own. They also launched a quest to find Earth and unlock the Crystal Pyramid technology, which they believed would enable them to exterminate the human race and rebuild the Universe to their liking. (Worlds Apart Book 12: Earth)

Library of Alexandria - A Battle Cruiser of the Old Commonwealth