Luke David Iklodi was a Lt. Navigator on board the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. He appears in Book 11: Charlemagne and in Book 12: Earth. He pilots Pegasus away from Charlemagne Station after the attack and to the Parallax System. He also navigates to Deadly Beautiful and to Earth, suggesting that he has taken Kyle Atlantic’s place as the ship’s senior navigator.


Luke Iklodi was adopted by his parents as an orphan of the Mining Guild. He was raised on Pegasus by his adoptive parents, who worked as teachers in the ship’s Support Core. His precognitive gifts did not manifest themselves until adolescence, which is typical. He took well to his studies as navigator and readily mastered the calculations necessary to make use of his gift in navigating hyperspace. An outstanding athlete, he acquitted himself well in the ship’s wally-ball and air hockey leagues. He is a friend of John-Patrick Breen , who also grew up on Pegasus and was his team-mate on several athletic teams.