Place of Birth - City of Technology, Republic Age at time of launch - 30 Republic Years

LIEUTENANT SCIENTIST MAGNUS MORGAN was the section chief for Pegasus's Science Core and the husband of Kayliegh Driver at the time of Pegasus's launch.

In Book 2: EdenWorld , he led the least interesting of the three missions, and therefore, didn't get a lot of page time. Although, in the end, his mission may have more influence on the destiny of the planet EdenWorld than any of the other missions that involved more interesting levels of sex and other violence.

In Book 6: Crucible , he and Kayliegh Driver opted to leave Pegasus and sign on to the Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler. .

In Book 11: Crucible , it is revealed that he and Kayliegh left Lexington Keeler during the Second Aurelian War and settled on the colony Rainier III.