Manitou is a human colony located in the Pavo Sector. The colony was visited by the Fast Attack Corvette Fighting Mongoose sometime prior to the Solar Year 7380. The crew discovered the colony had been largely annihilated by a highly contagious disease. The effects of this disease were facial disfigurement (a pattern large red splotches appeared across the face) and deranged, violent behavior. Victims of the disease were compelled to commit acts of violence on one another, ranging from violent assault through murder, rape, and in some extreme cases, prolonged sadistic torture. The disease resulted in the collapse of the civilization on the planet. A few undiseased survivors lived in remote, heavily fortified outposts. Of the ten members of the landing party sent to the surface, only four made it back to the ship. They brought with them a young boy named Nerrick who had been left an orphan by the plague. Knowing that the plague represented a massive threat to the human race, should it ever get off the planet, they recommended the planet be declared ‘Quarantined’ and stricken from any official records.