Mr. Marvelous was the CEO (Magnificat) of The Nettwerk Synerplex on the planet Aurora. He greeted the first contact team that arrived on the planet from the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus. He was very interested in their technology for direct neural stimulation. Ultimately, he rejected their offer of a planetary alliance with the New Commonwealth against the Aurelians; believing that the Aurelians really weren’t a threat. (Book 05: Aurora )


Marco Marvelous was born Derek Marcellus. His father was the owner and CEO of a shoe company within the LifeTouch Consumer Goods Synerplex. Family wealth and Connection enabled him to enroll at the prestigious Grand Tellect University, where he majored in Business with a concentration in marketing and promotion. In his second year, he changed his name to Marco Marvelous and took a menial office job at It was here he met his future business partner, DeHaviland Pecker. They went on to produce a series of professional situation comedies before producing the highly successful “Nymphomaniac High School” series of raunchy, pornographic teen comedies.

At age 32, he met Bonebrake Player, a powerful agent within the Consortium of Very Talented People, who convince him to create his own Entertainment Group … Marvelous – Pecker – Player. After a pair of major failures, the studio bounced back with the very successful “Smack Whores” series of action-porno films. With MPP riding high, he mastered a leveraged buyout of several Media companies, which he organized into The Nettwerk.