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Flight Lieutenant (later Captain) Driver is a very talented pilot in Pegasus's Flight Group 3 (Gamma Flight) known as the Quicksilver Angels. He is the pilot and commander of the Aves Prudence.

He is a straight-up, honest, competent, good-natured guy who unfortunately expects everyone else to be the same way. This is his downfall.


Matthew Driver was born in Republic's City of Progress, but spent most of his life in the remote outpost of Midlothian after his parent's were exiled after his father approved a medical device that later found to be defective. (Book 1: Meridian). He applied to the Odyssey program and was accepted, along with his sister. This resulted in a painful separation from his parents.

Driver has displayed hints of precognitive ability. On Meridian (Book 1: Meridian ), he had a dream in which he saw his landing party in danger and took steps that later helped save their lives. On Bodicea (Book 3: Bodicea ), he foresaw that the landing party would be taken prisoner, and took precautions that helped secure their freedom. In Book 2, he jokingly told Redfire that he would meet a strange, mysterious woman and fall madly in love with her, which sort of happened. He has also saved the life of Trajan Lear on at least two occasions, by aborting his launch when Trajan fell on his canopy (Book 2), and by rescuing the boy from Bodicea (Book 3). After disappearing into a StarLock with Trajan Lear (Book 5 : Aurora), he and Trajan developed a powerful bond with each other.

In Book 7: Yronwode , Driver was one of the people trapped on the planet by the planet's security system. His attempts to escape were unsuccessful.

In Book 8 Hellfire, Driver piloted the Tritium tanker Liminix out of the corona of the Hellfire sun, evading a pursuing band of solarite pirates. Driver also participated in the evacuation of children from the planet Gethsemane (Book 9 : Gethsemane).

In Book 11 , Driver agreed to leave Pegasus to take command of the Charlemagne Flight Group.


His sister Kayliegh Driver serves in Pegasus'sPlanetology Core and Exo-Botany Research Group.

He initially sought to be romantically involved with Eliza Jane Change, but soured on that relationship when a mind-link showed him that they would be miserable together.

He is the mentor and friend of Trajan Lear, whom he rescued several times from danger as a young boy and leter trained to become a pilot.

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