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The Monarch NebulaEdit

The Monarch Nebula is an astronomical phenomenon visible in the night sky of Sapphire, Loki, Republic (under optimal conditions) and Monarch colonies. (And, of course, from other colonies through telescopes and other devices.) It is the remnant of a stellar nursery and contains a cluster of a cluster of stars known as the Monarch Cluster, which illuminate the gas and dust in a distinct orange and black color shaped similarly to the wings of Terrestrial butterflies. The Phenomenon was first charted by the Survey Ship Carpentaria in the 39th Solar Century.


Monarch orbits a class KIV subgiant star and occupies the eighth orbit out from its primary, 16 477 Pegasus. It shares an orbit with a moon, Papillon, that is over half of its size and mass, creating a double planet system. Much of the planet’s surface is arid desert or mountain rock. The long deep rift valleys of the planet contain its water supply and all population centers.

History, Culture, and Demography Edit

The Monarch system was charted by the survey ship Carpentaria in the 39th Solar Century. It was settled some time later. Colonists were drawn by the planet’s mild climate (within the valleys) and spectacular scenery, especially the night sky which is nearly a quarter occupied by the nebula.

Monarch was rediscovered by the Pathfinder Ship Republic in the Solar Year 7001. Republic encountered a fleet of small ships in the outer reaches of the Monarch system. These ships turned out to be people exiled from the planet for plotting to overthrow the Government. Republic returned them to the planet where they attempted a coup using weaponry stolen from the ship. Republic’s warfighters put down the rebellion in the exiles were summarily executed.

Monarch is a member of the New Galactic Commonwealth. It is home to nearly 200M inhabitants. Its planetary capital is Optera. The planet is governed by a system of multiple parliaments that support High Council; a very traditional structure in the former Commonwealth.