The Fast Attack Corvette Morning Glory was a Scout Ship/Tactical Support Ship in the service of the Free Worlds Alliance in the 74th Solar Century. It was constructed at Bella La Cava colony, and carried 122 crew, mostly from that colony.

Morning Glory was Commanded by Commander Cameron Cade and First Officer Eoin Montoya, both of Bella La Cava. Morning Glory was configured for the Advanced Scout and Expedition Escort role and prior to its arrival at Charlemagne Starlock in Solar Year 7381 had been part of the Lacerta-Reticulum Exploring Expedition led by the Explorer Ship Corvus. Morning Glory lost life support upon arrival in the Parallax system after taking heavy damage in the Attack on Charlemagne Starlock. Morning Glory was severely damaged in the Battle of Terrastar; its Hyperdrive Engines and Starflight Navigation Systems were irreparably damaged. Commander Cade was also killed in this battle. The ship underwent extensive repairs at the Ocean Moon Base (Atlantis). Its sublight engines and other systems were successfully repaired and Morning Glory remained in the Earth system as a patrol and support ship for many years following the battle.