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Muffy the Sex Slave is a native of the planet Wolf’s Head. She has long tangled blond hair, a fantastic body, and fulsome lips.

She was born in Fortress Bifrost on the planet Wolf's Head. She became bonded to Tactical Lieutenant Synch Christmas, a Sapphirean officer in the Tactical Core of the Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler, after he rescued her from a stalking Rokshasa (one of the many thousands of predators native to the planet). Because he has saved her life planetary custom allowed her to request permission to bond solely to him; a rarity in the polyamorous culture of the planet Wolf's Head. Her petition was granted by the Chieftain and Matriarch of Fortress Bifrost. Synch Christmas consented to the arrangement after learning she would suffer grave dishonor if he rejected her. She remained with him even after a tragic accident transformed him into a walking abomination of life. (Worlds Apart Book 06)

After his death, she was put into stasis, where she remained for over a century as her stasis pod was somehow lost before turning up on the ice-planet Archon. She subsequently joined the New Commonwealth Diplomatic Core as an assistant to Ambassador Goneril Lear. No longer focused on pleasing the desires of her bonded mate, her behavior is notably toned down when she reappears at the Charlemagne Starlock. (Worlds Apart Book 11)

The term "sex slave" was later determined to be a poor translation choice made by the Lingotron for the Wolverine word. The term connotes a woman (or man) who has bonded exclusively to another; an anomaly in the polyamorous culture of Wolf's Head.

Prime Commander Keeler became enamored with Muffy, primarily on the basis of her “elegantly arched eyebrows.” She, on the other hand, shows little interest in him. (Worlds Apart Book 12).

Muffy is a parody of the character of Xev Bellringer from 'Lexx'