The Explorer Ship NCS Naphtali was a starship in service to the New Commonwealth in the 74th Solar Century. It was an exploratory vessel, chartered for exploring and recontacting the lost human colonies of the Perseus Quadrant and was the Command Ship of the Third Exploring Expedition of the Orion Quadrant; along with the Defender Ship Helaman and the Supply Ship Provident.

While surveying the site of the lost colony world called Parallax , Naphtali rendexvoused with survivors of the Aurelian Attack on Charlemagne Starlock. These surviving ships joined together in what became known as the Fleet of Orion. They proceeded to Earth and fought the Battle of Terrastar, although Naphtali and most of the civilian crews of other ships was sent away prior to the battle. Naphtali later rendezvoused with the survivors of the Battle of Terrastar in the Aura System.


Naphtali was commander by Commander Corian Trawick and Executive Officer Tiger Blackwood, both of Bountiful , who led a crew of 1,104 primarily from the Bountiful System. Trawick left XO Blackwood in command when he assumed Operational Command of the Fleet of Orion and relocated to NCS Helaman.