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The Crest of the Pathfinder Ship Olympic; Designed by the Odyssey Project Design Bureau - City of Aesthetics, Republic

Olympic was the second ship constructed for the Odyssey Project. It was designed and built as a very large, long-range, multi-generational starship. It was never heard from again after leaving the Republic Outsystem.


Like the other Pathfinder Ships, Olympic was built at the Odyssey Project shipyards in the outer Republic system, then rebuilt again ten years later. Olympic was built around the keel and superstructure of the Pathfinder Prototype ship. This resulted in an accelerated construction schedule. However, incompatibilities between the legacy control systems and the Odyssey Project Graviton Engines caused numerous problems during test and evaluation.

The ship was named, ironically as it would turn out, for the Olympic Expeditions that preceded the Odyssey missions by 200 years. These missions sent more than 20 one- and two- man probe ships to nearby colony systems, and none were ever heard from again.

Command and Crew[]

  • Commanding Officer: Prime Commander Katarina Andromache
  • Executive Officer: TyroCommander Cabot Nightingale
  • Chief Navigator: Lt. Navigator Paris Aires
  • Tactical Officer: Tactical Lt. Commander Orlando Batista
  • Systems and Operations Officer: Engineering Lieutenant Olympia Xero
  • Chief of Science Core: Lt. Scientist Esther Kyoto

The ship carried a total crew of 7,009 when it departed the shipyards in the Outer Republic System. It was tasked with exploration of the Pegasus, Perseus, and Lyra sectors.

Worlds Charted[]

Acheron was the first world to which Olympic was directed. When the Explorer Ship Torchbearer arrived a century later, there were no indications that Olympic had ever arrived.

Other Missions[]


Note: Artifacts from Olympic have been encountered by other vessels. The Pathfinder Ship Pegasus reported finding an Accipiter, bearing Olympic markings, on the planet Fallon in the Orion Quadrant. (Worlds Apart Book 8: Hellfire)

The Explorer Ship Hyperion, while on a routine survey of Tau Matawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu colony, discovered a probe buried on one of the planet’s moons that was marked with Olympic’s insignia.

When it was discovered and reactivated by a New Commonwealth technical team, the Chimera Starlock was found to have “P-2 Olympic” carved into the material of one of the walls of one of it euphemisms.

The Pathfinder Ship Pegasus encountered a ship that claimed to be Olympic during the Battle of Terrastar in the Old Earth System. (Worlds Apart Book 12: Earth)