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Pandaemonium is the second largest city on the planet [Loki]; the fifth planet of the Sapphire-Loki system. It was formerly the site of an Interstellar Diplomatic Complex and the first capital of what would eventually become the New Commonwealth of the Galaxy.

The original inhabitation site was beneath two large adjacent domes whose shape attracted a pretty distasteful nickname which the antenna structure at their apexes did nothing to dispel. The domes were connected to a spaceport that received representatives from the newly resdiscovered human colonies

As the worlds of the New Galactic Commonwealth left the planet (circa Solar Year 7220) to set up their seat of Government on the Chapultepec StarLock, the Free Worlds Affiliation(consisting of worlds that did not join the New Galactic Commonwealth) took over the structures left behind and formed the nucleus of a proper, functioning city.

After kicking around the names Alliance City, New Alliance City, Alliance Station, Commonwealth City (Just to piss off the New Commonwealth), they eventually settled on Pandemonium; which they felt captured the spirit of what they expected to accomplish. In the nearly two centuries since, Pandemonium has become a proper city, rather more densely developed than Hell (Loki's largest city) or the other cities on the burgeoning planetary civilization of Loki. It remains an important center for maintaining interstellar diplomatic and trade relationships among the Affiliation's member worlds.

The Free Worlds Interchange is a pair of buildings in the heart of Pandemonium called “The Mushrooms” because of their mushroom-like shapes. The tops of the buildings are garden parks under large crystalline domes. The lower floors are filled with offices, meeting spaces, and communications equipment to allow representatives of member worlds to cooperate. The Mushrooms dwarf the other structures in the city. The original domes were expanded as the city grew, and smaller dome structures sprang up around them. Terraforming of the Loki environment has made dome structures increasingly unnecessary.

Pandaemonium is also the location of the Loki Galactic Exchange, a brokerage for commodities and shares in registered enterprises and other commercial transactions [“Export 600,000T Quattrotriticale from Furlong to Fortnight at 1.65 per ton.” “90 Graviton Engines from Hyperion under contract to Sestina.”] Trading Houses line the inner ring of the city. Sapphire-Loki University has a large branch campus in one of the major domes.

Pandaemonium is connected by MagLev and Ultrahighway to the city of Hell. Its spaceport has regularly fights to Sigyn Station on Loki's moon. The city has professional sports teams in groundball, air hockey, and lacrosse.