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Panrovia is a territory and subcontinent of Sapphire’s Alpha continent. Its capital city is Kandor. Much of Panrovia is covered by the Nerf Desert, the only major desert area on the planet Sapphire. It is bordered to the east by Jutland Province from which it is separated by the Sea of Quest. It is bordered to the west by South Oz, from which it is divided by the Old Man River. It is bordered to the north and northwest by Graceland. Most of Panrovia is arid or semi-arid. A line of ancient extinct and collapsed volcanoes called “Cthulu’s Spine” stretches across Panrovia’s northeast quadrant.

Map Panrovia 1.jpg

The largest metroplex in Panrovia is around the capital city of Kandor. Most of Panrovia’s population resides around its coastal margins. Because of its limited resources and economic development, many Panrovians work outside their home province, predominately in Jutland and Carpentaria. As of the Solar Year 7200, Panrovia population was approximately 250 million. A chain of resorts stretches along the Seaquest Coast and the Panrovian Riviera provides recreational tourism while the interior, particular the Panrovian Badlands, the Spine of Cthulu, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death are popular destinations for adventurers with a subconscious deathwish.

During Sapphire’s 63rd Century, a short, misshapen misanthrope known as ‘Cruz the Mad’ took power in Panrovia and sought to conquer all of Alpha Continent under through an aggressive campaign of belligerence. He was contained and later defeated by an Alliance between Graceland, Jutland, and South Oz provinces with the support of Sumacian mercenaries. Cruz the Mad was overthrown by an internal uprising and exiled to a small island (Able) off the province’s southern coast under Sumacian guard. Cruz attempted to escape on several occasions, and on one occasion some of his guardsmen attempted to raid the island and free him. All of these efforts were thwarted by the Sumacian guardsmen. A century after Cruz’s death, the successor Panrovian Government made a polite inquiry as to how long the Sumacians intended to remain on Able Island, and were told “until you are strong enough to remove us.” A Sumacian garrison has remained on the island ever since.

Panrovia has a reputation as a “backwater” province of Sapphire, and its people are reputed to lack sophistication; although with focused training, a large number of them can be persuaded not to urinate into the sink.