Prudence was an Aves All-Environment Excursion Vehicle assigned to the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus . Its aviator was Flight Lieutnenat (later Flight Captain) Trajan Lear. It was attached to Flight Group Three, a.k.a. Gamma Flight, a.k.a. the Quicksilver Angels. It carried the Ident Code P3-Gamma035A.

It was constructed at the Cloudbuster Spacecraft Facility on Sapphire's moon of Hyperion. It was stored in in inactive state during Pegasus's first seven mission years and brought into active service to replace one of the Aves transferred to Lexington Keeler.

Book 07: Yronwode Edit

Phoenix carried David Alkema, Johnny Rook, and Max Jordan to the hulk of a Commonwealth Era star-freighter so that they could retrieve the ship's navigational core. They were attacked by an invisible space monster.

Book 08: Hellfire Edit

In a flashback, Kyle Atlantic remembers Trajan Lear attempting to teach him how to fly using a simulation in the Aves Phoenix.

Book 09: Gethsemane Edit

Phoenix was the last ship to leave Gethsemane before the impact of the rogue planet. It carried children rescued from a refugee camp at Abaddon.

Book 10: Eventide Edit

Trajan Lear was using Phoenix to teach aviation skills to Aeric Tuck. The ship navigated to the wrong island during a delivery run, which resulted in Commander Keeler having to give up half a kilogram of flesh to settle a contract. Phoenix also transported personnel and supplies to the surface in support of wargames that took place on the planet's far side.

Book 11: Charlemagne Edit

Phoenix was upgraded with new engines, navigation systems, and a Quantum Jump escape system. It was one of the Aves (with Hector) that intercepted Fighting Mongoose and Honey Badger when they entered the Parallax system. Later, it ferried personnel from Pegasus to the repair ship Galactic Condor.