Pieta was born in City of Serenopolis on the planet Bodicea to Ciel, a member of the planet's Inner Circle, and her consort Tobias. She spent the first years of her life as a child of privilege within the planet's Matriarchy, owing to her mother's position of power. As a little girl, she developed a crush on a young officer, Lieutenant David Alkema . When the Aurelians invaded, her mother tried to send her off-world for safety. However, her Aves was shot down and crash-landed in the forest-lands south of the planetary capital of Concordia. She was raised within a resistance cell formed by Flight Lieutenant Halo Jordan and her father. She was rescued sixteen years later when Pegasus returned, and left the planet with her half-brother Max and Sam Jordan. (Book Three: Bodicea)

As an adult, she finally married David Alkema. They honeymooned on the abandoned colony of Ecco 1. (Book 5: Aurora)

When Pegasus took on 8,111 refugees from the planet Gethsemane before its destruction, Pieta became a tireless advocate for the new community of Gethsemanians. She led Acting Commander Change to convene a Civil Council that provided the Gethsemanians with limited self-government and an interface to the ship's chain of command. (Book Ten: Eventide)

By the time Pegasus arrived at Starlock Charlemagne, the opportunity came to settle the refugees in a remote island on Bodicea. Pieta set up an election whose result would virtually assure that the refugees had no choice but to relocate to her home planet. She left Pegasus to return to Bodicea.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

  • Ciel - Mother
  • Tobias - Father
  • Max Jordan - Half Brother
  • Sam Jordan - Half Sister
  • David Alkema - Husband
  • Tobias Alkema - Son

  • Will Alkema - Son
  • Randy Alkema - Son
  • Hermione Alkema - Daughter
  • Mab Alkema - Daughter
  • Shea Alkema of Gethsemane - Son
  • Serrea Alkema of Gethsemane - Son
  • Tarra Alkema of Gethsemane - Daughter
  • Dalian Alkema of Gethsemane - Daughter
  • Metra Alkema of Gethsemane - Daughter