Prudence was an Aves All-Environment Excursion Vehicle assigned to the Pathfinder Ship Pegasus . Its aviator was Flight Lieutenant (later Flight Captain) Matthew Driver . It was attached to Flight Group Three, a.k.a. Gamma Flight, a.k.a. the Quicksilver Angels. It carried the Ident Code P3-Gamma01A1.

It was constructed at the Cloudbuster Spacecraft Facility on Sapphire's moon of Hyperion.

Book 01: Meridian Edit

Prudence transported Prime Commander Keeler to Pegasus and later transported the first landing team to the planet Meridian.

Book 02: EdenWorld Edit

Prudence was scheduled to fly the 49th excursion to EdenWorld, but aborted launch when Trajan Lear fell onto its canopy.

Book 03: Bodicea Edit

Prudence flew a reconnaissance mission to the edge of the Bodicea system and intercepted the Aurelian fleet. Later, the ship evacuated Trajan Lear, Goneril Lear, and several others from the surface as the Aurelian Assault began.

Book 04: Winter Edit

Prudence was used as a training vehicle for Trajan Lear as he undertook aviation training. Trajan Lear later stole Prudence and crashed it on the surface of the planet Cardinal while attempting to rescue Max Jordan . In between, Prudence was used to ferry crew to the surface of the planet Winter .

Book 05: Aurora Edit

Prudence transported Matthew Driver, Trajan Lear, Southeby Sweet, Medical Technician Hayes, Navigator Lani Doon and Specialist Zim through the Starlock to another Starlock called 'Chronos.' They returned after three weeks of ship-time, but two years had passed on the Starlock. Prudence was damaged as a result of the mission and had to be repaired. Trajan Lear piloted Prudence to the surface of Aurora , and later participated in liberating Hellen Earth from the Supah al-Fareek corporate base.

Book 06: Crucible Edit

Prudence ferried personnel to the damaged Pathfinder Ship Lexington Keeler ad engaged in combat with alien forces who were at that time undidentified. An alien missile lodge in Prudence's hull and detonated after the ship reached Lexington Keeler, causing severe damage and stranding Matthew Driver and Trajan Lear.

Book 07: Yronwode Edit

Prudence transported a landing team to the surface of Yronwode and subsequently becane trapped there.

Book 09: GethsemaneEdit

Prudence participated in the evacuation of Gethsemane. Prudence also guided Trajan Lear and the Aves Phoenix back to Pegasus after the latter was damaged in the destruction of the planet Gethsemane.

Book 11: CharlemagneEdit

Matthew Driver took Prudence with him to Starlock Charlemagne. He used the ship's recently installed Quantum Jump escape system to get clear of Charlemagne during the Aurelian attack.